All that glitters
is not gold.

A stitch in time
saves nine.

Creativity is a wild mind
and disciplined eye.

The devil
is in the details.

Extraordinary things are always hiding
in places people never think to look.

Don’t judge a book
by its cover.

We will sell no wine
before it is time.

Our Firm

Are you specialized? So are we: specialist lawyers for copyright and media law.

We are your lawyers for copyright, trademark law, press law, competition law, music law, film law, photo law, IT law, data protection law, corporate law and more.

Ronneburger: Zumpf Rechtsanwälte – this is the business and media law boutique from Berlin.

Boutique means focus. As a specialized law firm, we don’t offer everything to everyone. But maybe we offer just what you are looking for in vain elsewhere.

We can advise better because we know your industry. That is why we attach great importance to focusing on industries with their respective characteristics.

One of our focuses is on national and international mandates from the media and entertainment sector as well as the IT sector. Furthermore, we advise cross-sectoral civil law matters, in particular with reference to intellectual property and competition law.

This results in our core civil law competencies, particularly in commercial legal protection, copyright, media law and press law, as well as company law. 

We are experienced.

Trust in our special expertise. As long-standing legal industry representatives and specialist lawyers for copyright and media law, we have highly specialized knowledge as well as special consulting and litigation experience in media law and commercial legal protection, especially in copyright law, press law, media law, competition law and trademark law, but also in film law, music law and photo law.

We think ahead for you.

Even where our mandate ends, the professional advice continues: Often, when looking after our clients, we recognize further company requirements. In these cases you can rely on our network of national and international cooperation partners. Its specialists include not only lawyers and tax experts: we can also recommend proven specialists for creative or strategic advice on the development of brands.

We advise personally.

Contact us so that we can look after you individually and personally.