All that glitters
is not gold.

A stitch in time
saves nine.

Creativity is a wild mind
and disciplined eye.

The devil
is in the details.

Extraordinary things are always hiding
in places people never think to look.

Don’t judge a book
by its cover.

We will sell no wine
before it is time.


What is not free is in most cases not free either. Of course, this also applies to legal advice. So that you know where you stand, we offer you a transparent fee structure.

Why can’t you find any prices for legal advice here?

Very easily. The effort involved in consulting and representation services is as individual as the legal problem to be dealt with, the client or the respective industry. For this reason, we can only discuss the remuneration with you as part of an initial assessment once we have received more information about your mandate.

Whether billing on an hourly basis according to a fixed hourly rate, a flat fee or whether billing according to the lawful Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetzes (RVG) is most suitable for you, is decided after knowledge of your individual case. For clients who commission regular and frequent legal support, there is the possibility of concluding fee contracts or fixed consulting contracts with a fixed consulting quota.

As long as there is no remuneration agreement according to § 3a RVG is concluded in text form, the amount of the fees for our legal work is calculated by law on the basis of the object value (§ 2 RVG).

Contact us, so that we can discuss the fee for advice and representation with you.