All that glitters
is not gold.

A stitch in time
saves nine.

Creativity is a wild mind
and disciplined eye.

The devil
is in the details.

Extraordinary things are always hiding
in places people never think to look.

Don’t judge a book
by its cover.

We will sell no wine
before it is time.


Film, radio & television

Legal advice and representation in the film, radio and television industries has been shaped in recent years by new technical developments and the new opportunities that come with them. 3D productions are increasingly becoming the standard. The concept of the cross-media format is making the rounds. Forms of evaluation and additional offers increasingly overlap with other industries.


In the film sector, we advise and represent you comprehensively in all relevant areas from production to evaluation. In addition to contractual, corporate and copyright law aspects, we also take insolvency law and tax aspects into account. In the latter area we work together with specialized cooperation partners.

We accompany the entire production. Starting with financing and film funding, drafting contracts and negotiating co-productions, clearing rights and purchasing formats or scripts, through to employment contracts with the many people involved in production. For the evaluation phase, for example, we create tailor-made rental, license or merchandising contracts for you.

Broadcasting and television

The radio and television sector is shaped by national and European media regulation. The German provisions of the State Broadcasting Media Treaty and the state media laws have undergone various changes against the background of the expansion of offers to include the Internet and mobile applications.

In addition to providing advice on day-to-day business issues relating to licensing, frequency allocation, advertising, the protection of minors and drafting contracts, we are also available to provide expert opinions on the specialties of broadcasting law.



The computer game industry is now at least as important as other branches of the entertainment industry, if not more important. In the case of development times of several years for a new game, well-founded legal support in all phases of the project is absolutely necessary, regardless of whether it is about financing, development or evaluation. Your need for legal advice varies depending on the type, size and current phase of your project.

We accompany you individually.

While we can help you, for example, in the planning or start-up phase with the review or drafting of articles of association, employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDA) or the clearing of third-party rights, there may be a greater need to review and draw up software development contracts and license agreements during the development phase or general terms and conditions. We also provide advice on youth law assessments or representation in appointment or advisory board proceedings at the USK.

Music and stage


The music industry is changing. Many of the classic sound carrier sales have lost their meaning through forms of analysis on the Internet, now, in addition to new marketing models, live business management is again playing a greater role. We are at your side with anything related to music. We help you with advice on and the administration of national and international music publishing contracts, band takeover contracts, content contracts or concert contracts, regardless of whether you are a publisher, belong to, label or musician. We procure and see rights for film rights or computer games for you. We have questions for you about collecting societies such as GEMA and GVL.

Stage and theater

The technical innovations did not stop at the theater and stage operations either. Streaming offers or public viewing of stage performances or concerts present new legal challenges in consulting.

One focus of the regular advice for the theater and stage operations is time and again copyright, contract law as well as labor and social security law. We take care of your contractual relationships – whether for producers, actors, directors, performing artists, conductors, stages or service providers for the theater sector.


Press and publishers

Publishing is also increasingly arriving in the digital world. The trend towards e-book marketing is continuing among book publishers. As in other industries, the offer of press publishing increasingly overlaps with other industries through the inclusion of films in online offers, the distribution of newspapers and magazines via apps or e-readers.

We are at your side with our media law competence. No matter whether for publishers, authors, translators, photographers, illustrators or private individuals who have been damaged by the media. Be it with the new marketing trends or in the classic business.

We help you in all questions of contract law such as e-book distribution contracts, publishing contracts, or with the licensing of merchandising products or brands.

We enforce your rights – such as claims for damages, injunctive relief or counter-claims, in and out of court.

Communication and advertising

In addition to the classic forms of advertising, digital communication remains a long-running favorite for companies, and is reinforced by new forms of advertising through apps on mobile phones and tablet computers. We advise everyone involved in the extended advertising industry, from the advertising companies and agencies to the individual service providers such as photographers, graphic artists, designers, models, and printers to film, television and multimedia producers and publishers.

We help you with the competition law review of your advertising concepts as well as with the brand law assessment in the context of brand creation for your customers.

We create general terms and conditions or service contracts, work contracts, sponsorship contracts and license agreements for you.

We take legal or extrajudicial action against unauthorized use of your work with warnings, lawsuits and injunctions.

IT and software

The IT industry is characterized by innovation and new business models and continues to be a growth engine. Trends such as cloud computing present new legal challenges and often the use of consulting services. We are here for you. With our legal advice in all sub-areas of IT law, we offer you individual solutions, tailored to the current phase of your company or project. We support you in drafting and negotiating, for example, software development and software distribution contracts, system contracts, license contracts, application service providing contracts, employment contracts or terms of use. We check your projects and your offers for legal compliance. We enforce your rights in and out of court.

Sport and outdoor

Sports and especially the outdoor industry are proving to be a massively expanding market compared to other leisure-related industries. Increasing competition requires differentiation from competitors through targeted brand positioning and new technical innovations. The very real risk of product imitation, illegal parallel imports and the requirements for sales and licensing require specialized legal advice and representation.

We take care of your property rights. We take action nationally and internationally against illegal parallel imports, product imitations, trademark infringements and other infringements of property rights. We register your trademarks, designs or technical property rights. We help you with sales and marketing. We check and draw up all the necessary contracts for you, regardless of whether they are a distribution contract, license agreement or franchise agreement.

We assess your advertising and marketing campaigns and your distribution systems for legal compliance.

Trade and services

As a law firm specializing in commercial law, we support various companies in the areas of trade and services in civil law matters. In the legal expertise, we take into account the business conditions and your particular operational practice. In addition to general contract advice, the focus is on legal advice on advertising, marketing and sales, as well as in matters of industrial property rights and intellectual property.

We register your brands and look after your brand portfolio.

We take action against product imitations and infringement of property rights.

We put ourselves in the place of non-competitive competitors in the market.

We check your sales systems and advertising measures for their legal compatibility.

We fend off unauthorized property rights attacks and warnings for you …

We draw up employment and partnership agreements, as well as sales and license agreements. We take care of your data protection issues. We enforce your contractual claims in and out of court.