All that glitters
is not gold.

A stitch in time
saves nine.

Creativity is a wild mind
and disciplined eye.

The devil
is in the details.

Extraordinary things are always hiding
in places people never think to look.

Don’t judge a book
by its cover.

We will sell no wine
before it is time.

Linda Seiffert

Linda Seiffert is a lawyer of Ronneburger:Zumpf Rechtsanwälte.

She studied law at the Humboldt University in Berlin. After her legal clerkship at the Kammergericht, etc. with a station at Ronneburger: Zumpf Rechtsanwälten, Ms. Seiffert advises as a lawyer national and international companies on all questions of media law and commercial legal protection. A focus here is on representation in competition law matters, advice on e-commerce and IT law, copyright law and reputation management.

In addition, Ms. Seiffert represents and advises photographers forensically on copyright and photo and image law, as well as individuals in press and media law. 

Another focus is advising on clients related to Japan and Japanese law.


German, English and Japanese